ccbot/2.0 ( 密钥恢复软件。产品密钥寻回软件,恢复丢失的Windows XP产品密钥,找回XP密钥

产品密钥寻回程序,适用于Windows,Office办公软件以及 10,000+ 多种各类程序

  丢失了XP产品的密钥吗?用密钥恢复软件来恢复吧 Recover Keys(密钥恢复软件) 是一款简单而又全面的Windows应用程序,在系统或硬盘崩溃的情况下,专门用于保护安装在您本地或者远程计算机上的软件产品的激活密钥。


现在您可以自我保护并且备份您的密钥了!密钥恢复软件 可以迅速地分析您系统中的 10,000+ 多种各类软件程序,并且生成一份软件激活密钥的清单。然后您就可以保存、备份、打印、或者导出为(Word文档Excel表格PDF文件HTML格式CSV格式XML格式)的许可证信息。由于界面友好,选项众多,所以无论是专业人士还是没有经验的用户都能够自如地使用密钥恢复软件。

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恢复产品密钥,适用于Windows,Office办公软件,Adobe产品,Acronis产品,Electronic Arts游戏,WinZip,Nero以及多达 10,000+ 多种各类程序


丢失产品密钥的后果严重,代价不菲,耗时耗力。您可以将您的产品密钥保存为Text文本文档,Word文档Excel表格PDF格式HTML格式CSV格式XML格式 或者直接送去打印。






我们为密钥恢复软件提供技术支持和定期更新。目前,这种产品密钥寻回软件可以恢复 10,000+ 多种软件程序的密钥,而且我们会长期持续地更新此清单。


运行于 Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10. 位或64位系统。无特定要求。


密钥恢复支持的 10,004 种软件包,包括:

Microsoft Windows
AutoDesk 3DMax
Microsoft Office
Registry Mechanic
Alcohol 120%
Ahead Nero
Acronis Products
SlySoft CloneCD
Corel Draw
Camtasia Studio
O&O Products
Symantec Products
Electronic Arts
Adobe Photoshop
Ulead Products
Unreal Tournament
VMware Workstation
Ashampoo Products
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere

以及更多。如需查看支持的全部软件,请访问 此页

Reviews from credible sources

Recover Keys KeyFinder review by SoftPedia


Recover Keys is a powerful Windows tool designed to help users recover product keys for Windows, Microsoft Office and many other installed apps. As compared to all the other apps on the market developed to serve the same purpose, Recover Keys provides many more options, allowing you not only to scan the local computer, but also network workstations, another Windows operating system or various Windows components.

For example, Recover Keys can look for product keys in the Adobe cache.db file if you're trying to get the license key for an Adobe piece of software, but it can also check registry files for available information. A standard scan doesn't take more than a few seconds, with Recover Keys showing the product name, type and license key in a very well organized interface.

What's more, the application lets you export the collected information to a number of popular formats, including TXT, HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, CSV or XML.
Although a help section isn't available in the app, the developer lets you ask for technical support using an online contact form, but an Internet connection is obviously needed.
The program however works smoothly on all Windows versions and it doesn't affect the overall stability of the system. No administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 workstations.
To sum up, Recover Keys is clearly one of the best tools developed to recover lost product keys. It provides a great feature package and comes with a straightforward GUI that makes everything easy as pie for all user categories.

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Bogdan Popa, Softpedia on July 13th, 2012 review of Product Key Finder Recover Keys

Recovery keys is an excellent, full featured keyfinder program.
Pros: Supports a huge list of programs and games, well designed interface, scanning of networked computers is very easy. Cons: Keys are not displayed instantly, installation is required.

Finds Keys for Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and NT. Finds Keys for Other Software: Most Microsoft Office programs, Adobe applications, and many other popular programs - well over 800 in total. I tested Recover Keys using their demo version which restricts product key recovery to the first 4 characters.

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Tim Fisher,

ComputerBild review


Finally, no stress when you reinstall a program.
Originaly was writteln in German: Endlich keinen Stress bei der Neuinstallation eines Programms

ComputerBild - Ausgabe 03/2010

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